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Hannah Hickok At the same time, I was doing a gut renovation and building my apartment here in New York with a wonderful architect, and I was loving the opportunity to express myself through the design of my new home. It was a very free and creative time in my life, and it was empowering to create something solely around my taste, lifestyle, unique needs and budget. To this day, I love walking into my apartment, which is a total expression of who I am and how I live. It dawned on me that this opportunity for creativity and self-expression would be very compelling in other products that are a part of my everyday life. I like the idea of a making a personal statement, and how better to do it than the handbags we carry! In a marketplace flush with logos and high markups, no one was exploring a platform that would not only allow for complete customization, but also empower the consumer to become the tastemaker — 1 Atelier represents the intersection of aspiration and inspiration, and they reflect the individuality of the women who create them, hence the mantra "luxury inspired by my life." SS: I love walking into our atelier each morning. It's a sun-drenched space in New York's Garment District where we run the business and manufacture our handbags. I have the incredible privilege of working with very special people who all bring unique talents to our mission.

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